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November 7, 2013

Tabletop Game Scorer

This is a useful app to help you to calculate without pen & paper while you play Monopoly or other board games.

- Automatically ranking according to players scores.
- Can add or delete the number of players anytime. Allow 2~8 players
- Record the track of counting during the game
- Set your own personal photo (take the photo by camera or select the photo from your album or build-in pattern)
- Set your own background (take the photo by camera or select the photo from your album or build-in pattern)
- Have storage function. The data can be used for the next.
- Share your game outcome to Facebook, Twitter or Google+ (please install these apps first.)

Note: this app doesn’t include any board games.

May 1, 2013

Punch Mouse

My goodness! How come so many mice? Help! My cheese was stolen!!!
A large group of mice of unknown origin invaded your farm. Being a cheese farm owner, it's time to stand and defend your home. Now, only you can stop these greedy mice. Is your reaction fast enough? Fast tapping with your fingers, beating, grinding and repelling these mice. To destroy a cluster by wisely making the best use of your powerful tools, such as bomb, fire and lightning.

- Many kinds of characteristic mouse: big fat mouse, lightning mouse, ....
- Story Mode with 60 levels
- The exciting action game that can release the pressure
- More levels and modes are coming soon

Keywords:hit rat, punch rat, smash mice

March 28, 2013




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