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March 26, 2012

Ten Point Half(10.5)

Ten Point Half(10.5) is a very simple entry-level card game. Victory mostly leans on luck. The rule is like Black Jack. Take turns to be the dealer. One is the dealer, others are players. Then, hit cards and compare the points with the players. The winner is who has the biggest points. Nevertheless, it will be “Busted” if the player’s got over ten points half.

[Game rule]
The player places their bet to the dealer first. The dealer and players will get a card by turns. Then, all players and the dealer have to decide to hit cards or not.
A is counted as one point. Number-cards are counted as their natural value. The face cards (J, Q, and K) are counted as half point.
It’s “Busted” and the player lost to the dealer if the player got over ten points half.
Whether what points the dealer has, the dealer lost to the player if the player got 2 cards and just got ten points half. (That means the player got a “10” card and a face card).
If the player got five pieces of cards and the points is less than ten points half, it’s called “Five-Dragon” and the dealer lost to the player.



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