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February 3, 2017

Privacy Policy

Welcome using the service and program developed by xidea creator. This statement is meant to help you understand our privacy policy and using our service without doubt.
This is important, we hope you will take time to read it carefully.
This Privacy Policy of xidea creator as following includes what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it except for the sevices or members which is not belong to us.

I. Privacy protection policy applicability
(1) Member registration:
When you register xidea creator member, we will ask for your real persional inoformation, including name, e-mail, birth, sex and so on. According to user contract, Xidea creator has right to terminate membership and service if we find the information you offered is fake.
(2) Website and additional service:
When you use the website or additional service from xidea creator, xidea creator will ask for  your name, ID number, e-mail, sex, address, phone number and so on.
(3) General surfing
When you do general website surfing, xidea creator will keep our server's record, inculding your IP, time, browser, what you surf and so on.
(4) Advertisement publish or exchange:
The advertisement publisher or link website may collect your personal information when you join the lottory, game or promotion which these parties hold. It will not applicable Xidea creator's Privacy Policy when you offer these parties your personal information voluntarily. Xidea creator shall not be held liable for any joint and several liability

(5) Others:
Except for personal information you offered voluntarily when you register the member of xidea creator, the personal information you offered voluntarily when you use our forums, chatting room, message board, and other interaction service is not including in our Privacy protection policy.

II. Personal information application policy
(1) When you surf our website or using the service we offered, we will ask for your personal information depends on the service function and deal with your personal information in specific range. We will not use your personal information for other purpose without your letter of authorization.
(2) Statistics and Analysis
Xidea creator will do internal analysis for user number, interest and behavior according to the data form user registration, promotion or investigation activities. The research result bases on complete data collection, statistics and analysis.
Regarding the data which is not offered voluntarily (such as IP, using time, browser, surf record and so on), we analyze overall users' behavior, not individual. 
(3) Online activities and investigation
The user's name and ID number are only for lottery. Phone number, e-mail and address are for informing lottery outcome and sending prize. The rest information is only for market analysis or academic research. The information we collected will not use these information for other purpose.  

III. Information protection
(1)We have set the fire wall, antivirus program and other MIS essential security equipment and measures for our server to protect our website and your personal information. The staff without authorization can't reach your personal data. All staff who deal with the data should sign Non-disclosure agreement(NDA). We will take legal action for any NDA violation.
(2) If we need the service from other parties, we still follow this protection policy strictly and execute essential checking process for sure.

IV. Xidea creator's policy for sharing your personal information with third party
 Xidea creator will sell, exchange or rent out any your personal information to other parties and individual. Xidea creator will share your personal information with the third party under as below conditions.
(1) When we provide you additional service or special offer (ex. coupon), we need to pass your personal information to the third party which provide the service or special offer. Xidea creator will announce full statement of the activity and inform you before data collection. You can choose to accept or refuse the service or special offer freely.
(2) For providing additional service or special offer (ex. coupon), the third party need to send or e-mail the information to you. Xidea creator will announce full statement to you before that. You can choose to accept or refuse the service or special offer freely.

V. Xidea creator's policy for using Cookies
For user's convenience, xidea creator may use cookie technology to provide users suitable service. Cookie is a communication technology between server and user's browser. It may store some information in the user's device. Users can cancel or limit this function via browser's setting function. 

VI. Xidea creator's policy for sending or e-mail commercial information or e-mail Xidea creator will send or e-mail commercial information after your registration with  your permission. We will mark "from Xidea Creator" on the information and offer you the instruction or linking about how to stop information sending or e-mail anytime.

VII. Xidea creator's policy for personal information update.
After you register Xidea creator's member successfully, you can use the member account and password to change any data you inputted (ex. name, nickname, address, phone number, e-mail, etc.) If you forget your password, you can inquire and change it.

VIII. Your personal data protection measures
Please keep your password and any personal data, and do not provide any personal data, especially passwords, to anyone. Remember to log out when you are away from your computer or when you are no longer using xidea creator. If you share your computer with others or use a public computer, remember to close your browser window to prevent others from reading your profile Or letters.

IX. Other online privacy policies

You may voluntarily disclose personal information such as e-mails, birthdays, etc., which may be collected and used by others, such as in forums, chat rooms, and so on. If you publish a profile that you can read on-line, you may receive messages from other groups that you volunteered. Basically, your password or any member account information must be kept confidential by you, please be careful and keep your member information.

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