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September 23, 2011

Animal Match

This is a simple and interesting match game(match 3 , match three or above) . We prepared a number of lovely images of animals and scenes. You can play this game easily and leisurely. We specially designed a mode for kids. Children will get more tips and opportunity under kid mode. Child’s attention and concentration can be trained and kids can learn space matching logic from this game. Family members can choose their own storage file and compete with each other.
The game is to be conducted to identify a line/row of three or above identical images. The images will disappear as matching and you will get points. The more identical images can be matched once, the higher score you can get.
這是一個簡單而有趣的配對遊戲.我們準備了許多可愛的動物圖像及場景,讓你悠閒且輕鬆的來玩.我們特別設計了孩童模式(kid mod),讓孩子能得到較多的提示及機會,可以訓練孩子的注意力,從中學習空間配對邏輯.家庭成員也可以選擇自己的檔案儲檔,彼此較勁分數的高低.

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