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December 15, 2011

Kid Musical Toys - Available on the App Store

Yes! We did it! We have transferred the first program/game from android market to apple app store after working for about  1 month. Now, you can download Kid Musical Toys from android market and app store both. Your kids can have a happy  music carnival whatever your mobile phone is android or iphone system.

是的,我們做到了.經過了一個多月的努力,我們終於移植了第一套app了.所以現在你可以在android market及apple app store裡下載兒童音樂遊戲,現在你們不管是android手機及iphone手機都能下載了,孩子們可以開始來一場熱鬧的音樂嘉年華啦~

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