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May 13, 2011

Roulette Slot

Do you wanna play the special slot machine? Try this one (Roulette Slots) right now. It is very easy and fun, it is a popular and classic slot game in Asia. There are 8 item kinds in the game. You can bet your favorite fruit or item , and then tap the spin button. The LED lights will run around and stop at random position. If it stop at your bet item, Congratulations! you win the bonus. You also can join double bet challenge, win the double bonus or lost your origin bonus, it is very exciting. Come on , try your luck right now.

誰說android上沒有小瑪莉(麻仔台,麻阿台)可以玩? 快來試試,重溫一下小時候的經典機台吧,還記得以前放學時最愛跑去雜貨店(柑仔店)去偷偷打一場小瑪莉嗎,還是念書時在逛夜市時最喜歡玩的機台遊戲。現在就把你的手機變成小瑪莉吧,隨時隨地試試你的手氣。

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