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April 28, 2011

Crocodile Roulette - Developer Notes

Crocodile Roulette, or called Crocodile dentist, is a common toy. Most of people have played or seen this kind of toy in the toy store or market. The original design is let the player pretend to be a dentist and extract teeth for a fearful crocodile. (This game is unusual, ridiculous and funny. Who wants to extract tooth for crocodile without purpose? Sorry for my digression, ha! Let's come back to the subject.) If you are not lucky, you will be bitten by crocodile as you extract the tooth which the ache one.  This kind of game had been made already on App. But, most of all only can bite once or one person. I question why it can't bite several times in a round. We may need to pick 2 person or more from a group when we play a game. So, we started to design an upgrade version of Crocodile Roulette. Even this game doesn't get a lot of compliments; I think the score for this idea is 90.

鱷魚咬手指或稱鱷魚牙醫是常見的小玩具,這個相信大家都在夜市或文具店都買的到或曾經玩過.他原本的設計是你是一名牙醫,你要為兇惡的鱷魚拔牙(現在想想這個故事設計很不尋常,很荒繆,也很搞笑,誰沒事會去幫鱷魚拔牙呢 XD ) , 有點離題,如果你運氣不好的話,剛好拔到鱷魚牙痛的那一顆你就會被咬.這個app其實有人做過了,但是我搜尋其他人的設計都只設計成只咬一口或只咬一個人,所以我就想到了為何不能咬多人呢?一群人在玩時常常需要找出二個人以上接受懲罰,於是我就開始動手做了,最後成品就是你們看到的這樣.雖然這個app不怎麼受好評,但我給自己創意發想的分數是90分.
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